Passenger Lifts

We service and maintain all brands of passenger lifts


Goods Lifts

Our engineers service, repair and maintain all goods lifts


Kitchen & Service Lifts

We provide service,repair and installations of kitchen and service lifts. These include microlifts and BKG lifts






It is good business practice and a requirement under health and safety legislation that all lift systems must be maintained on a regular business. Bridge Lifts meet these requirements by servicing your lift equipment on a time schedule that best suits you and providing the highest professional and engineering standards to ensure compliance with all statutory regulations.





Each lift is designed to your requirements taking into account specification, long term value for money and building limitations. This does not necessarily mean expensive, and we have completed many successful installations on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We modernise and install lifts for businesses in all sectors of industry. Repairs and Modernisations can be fitted to improve the condition and age of your lift. All modernisations are bought up to BSEN81 Standard. Modernisations include a British made panel, all new shaft and lift car lighting systems, all new lift components and landing push and car buttons. 





We offer a wide range of lift repairs and if ever immediate work is needed following a breakdown we can offer this within reason, always ensuring health & safety requirements are followed, and any upgrades meet statutory regulations. We offer a free no obligation quote for all works going forward and you don't necessarily have to be under contract with us for repairs to be be carried out on your lift(s).

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